「letter song」を歌ってみた

Releks sebentar dengan lagu yang satu ini…
Saya memilih versi mba Wotamin. Benar-benar pas di hati =w=)b
Lagi-lagi, niconico singer~

Yang mau mendengarkan suaranya mba Wotamin.

Dan bagi yang susah mencari liriknya, saya sudah menemukannya >_>
semoga dapat membantu~

English Translation

Without looking back at the times
I walked with my beloved gazing the scenery,
I’m just running through the present
and wondering what lies ahead of me.

Trying to stand still and search for the meanings,
I’m surely not an adult yet.
Among the people and things around me,
I’m only focusing on what’s ahead.

Dear me ten years from now,
do you feel happy?
Or are you perhaps sad
and crying because of it?

But surely there are things
close to you that won’t change,
aren’t you protecting those things
by not noticing them?

Holding memories within these passing days,
I’m just chasing after time,
I wonder if I’ll ever again get to experience
the days I got close to someone else’s dreams…

Dear me ten years from now,
who is the one you love?
Or is it still
the same person as now?

But have you been able to say
that you love yourself
before the day you love someone else?

Are the people I hold dear
still there for you?
Or are they somewhere far away,
walking their own paths?

Though people keep on
coming and going in our life,
have you become a much more
beautiful person than I am now?

Dear me ten years from now,
if you happen to be happy,
then could you please remember
the me in this day?

But even though the past me
has cried because of painful things,
please gently change
those tears into memories.

Terima kasih kepada OngakuTranslations


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